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A Cocktail Lounge in Space

Listen to the curated playlist on Spotify:

(a cocktail lounge in space)

Contact me if you would like to purchase the art book, including images of the opening reception and the stories behind the pieces.

Welcome, Traveler.


In my years of intergalactic wanderings I have been fortunate enough to encounter a wide assortment of musical talent. Since the discovery of extraterrestrial lifeforms, our cultures have melded and influenced each other, adding reinvigorated flavors and twists to the melodic traditions of our past. Take a quintessential Earth genre like jazz, already saturated with history from its genesis in the African-American communities of New Orleans to the emergence of European adaptations, and add the sentiment and instrumentation of the Quintana people of Kepler-186f, and a bright new sound shimmers into existence. 


As an Earth artist and musician, I am fascinated not only by the evolving musicology of these overlapping cultures, but also by the meticulous ways in which these alien instruments have been inimitably designed to suit alien anatomy, just as every instrument on Earth was designed with the human body in mind. I took notes of these remarkable musical developments in my travel sketchbooks and have compiled my findings to recreate here on Earth the atmosphere of an alien jazz band. I invite you to experience a cocktail lounge in space.




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